25 April 2010

Our First Texas Bluebonnets Pictures

Apparently, it's a tradition in Texas to take your kids to the local field/park/neighbor's yard/highway median to get a picture of them sitting amongst Texas Blue Bonnets, a regional wild flower that blooms all over in the Spring.

After two weeks of seeing all of my friend's kids enjoy wild flowers like they do sitting in Santa's lap, we decided to pack our kids up and sit them down in the midst of those purplish-blue flowers too.

Our sweet boys - Oliver's best effort at a smile and Bennett's best effort to keeping his blue eyes open.

Oliver is such a great big brother.  He wakes up each morning say, "Good Morning Bennett!" and has just discovered that he has the power to make Bennett laugh.  Bennett thinks Oliver is the funniest thing since sliced bread.

Breck, the Mommarazzi, took time taking pictures mainly of Bennett since he hasn't discovered his legs yet.  Two and a half year old Oliver, on the other hand, patiently sat a few pictures before he called up his reward of swinging with Dad at the park behind us.

Discovering the nearby flowers.

Playing with a Blue Bonnet.

Eating a Blue Bonnet.

Sitting admist the flowers.

Watching the wind blow.

A picture of God's beautiful creation: babies and flowers.

And a picture, just for those non-Texas to know what these flowers actually look like up close.


  1. I love the pictures of the boys with the State flower of Texas aka Bluebonnets.

  2. I always hope to see new pictures of Bennett and Oliver. They are two beautiful boys. Oliver is going to be such a good big brother. Pretty pictures.Love, Ms.Ann

  3. Lovely photos, Breck! Did you get a new camera or learn to use Photoshop? The filter on the top one looks great! You really did a nice job with these.


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