20 April 2010

More Newborns With CF

Texas just recently passed a law that every newborn should be screened for Cystic Fibrosis.  Texas is actually one of the last few states to do so.

Yesterday, at the CF Clinic, Breck asked one of the nurses if they have seen an influx of CF babies.  She replied that they had.  In fact, since the newborn screening law when into effect only months ago, there have been 11 new newborn babies at our CF Clinic whose parents found out from the newborn screening, some from Waco.

Right now, they have 13 babies (including Bennett and one other child who was born with Meconium Ileus) under the age of 6 months who have CF.

The nurse mentioned how sad it is for Mommies and Daddies to come home with their baby that seems well to get that terrible phone call that their child has CF.  We knew Bennett was sick from the beginning but for more and more families the Newborn Screening test will be a complete shock to families who thought they had a perfectly healthy baby.  Nonetheless, it's best that parents know early so they can get the best of care as quickly as possible.


  1. Our clinic believes that there are WAY more than 30,000 people in our country with CF because so many have gone undiagnosed or much as I hate to hear about new diagnosis' it is such a blessing to get the chance to fight the disease from the get go!

  2. Wow! 13 babies and only two that showed signs at birth. I imagine that is a very difficult call to receive, but what a blessing to treat it proactively from birth rather than reactively.

  3. We noticed all the babies at cf clinic last month and asked about it. It sounds like it is creating some new issues. But it's a good thing. I'm glad we spent two whole days waiting to testify for it - it was worth it! - Julie Martin


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