14 April 2010

Liver Enzyme Levels

So, Bennett had his blood drawn again this morning.  We were told on Monday that if the enzyme levels came back elevated today, it was an immediate admission to the hospital.  If they came back lower, we could rest assure everything was probably just fine. 

Don't you know they'd come back - the same!

The doctor still feels we're likely dealing with a virus that is probably of no significance.  However, we are still waiting on his other labs to come back (hopefully they will come back in the next two days) to give us a better idea if anything else is going on. 

At this point, we aren't doing anything.  The doctor feels good since Bennett's projectile vomiting seems to have subsided and his liver enzyme levels haven't elevated any more.  We are going to have his bloodwork redone on Monday.

Poor Bennett is going to be busy Monday.  After he gets his blood drawn early Monday morning, we're off to his Pulmonology Appointment at the CF Clinic and a visit to his GI doctor in Fort Worth.

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