29 April 2010

How Time Flys!. (..and us too!)

It's hard to believe that we haven't had a chance to blog for a few days!  But usually in these situations, no news is good news!

Bennett is doing very very well!  He is gaining weight appropriately, developing normally and overall a happy baby.  His feeds, medications and treatments are going just right and have become just a normal part of our life!

A few days ago, we flew out to visit Breck's parents for a week.  This is mostly why we haven't blogged.  Like on any vacation, time seems to melt away.

One thing that is noteworthy, though, is in the midst of all of the bags we had to carry on to the plane, we ended up leaving the blue bag.  The blue of the most important stuff in it...the one that if we don't have...Bennett can't eat.  Yep...that one.

We didn't realize it until we were at our destination and about to feed Bennett.  Where is his syringe, mic-key tubing, bottle of enzymes, spoon and applesauce?  Um, under row 12 on flight 1548.

So, we called the airlines and the airport but they said they didn't have it.  Certainly, it's of no importance to them - just a little blue bag.

Fortunately, because we know it's so important, we packed extras in his very large black medicine bag that we carry along too.  So, we were ok.  But now we had no backup.

Breck called our Home Health Agency and they are overnighting extra supplies to us.  Whew!

We've learned to make sure we pack multiple items like that - there's no chance for a last minute Target run at our destination for enzymes and mic-key tubing should we find they are lost.

Oh, one more thing we learned - take your breathing machine/nebulizer out when you are taking off all of your clothes and unloading all of your bags to put on the conveyor belt when going through security at the airport.

Otherwise, they think you might have a bomb.

Thank goodness, we did forget that!


  1. So glad Bennett is feeling better! Thanks for all the airplane advice, we're going to Hawaii in June and I'm really nervous. I've gotten some great tips from you- thank you!!

  2. Hope yall are having a wonderful visit in Minden or wherever they are right now! Was just thinking about Bennett this morning. It's hard to believe it's really not that far away to his first birthday. I'm wearing my Bennett shirt today, since I had him on my mind. Have a great vacation. Still praying. Love, Ms.Ann


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