17 April 2010

Great Strides 2010

Well, it wasn't exactly what we were hoping for but today ended up still being really fun.

For the past three days, it has supposed to rain.  For two days, it didn't.  But today, it poured.

Since we had been told that they typically hold the walk rain or shine, we decided to go ahead and go.

And to our amazement, so did many of our friends who had volunteered to walk with us!  Here we all are ready to go. 

Our sweet neighbors (and Bennett and Oliver's adopted Grandparents) wait in the car for the rain to die down. 

The boys wait in the car as well.

However, unfortunately, the rain continued pretty hard and the organizers decided to cancel the walk.  :(

It turns out that due to the high potential of infection being passed from one CFer to another, the CF Walk could not be moved indoors.

So, we thanked everyone and started to leave to return home for an afternoon's nap...

...until someone suggested that we go meet up for Brunch.  And then, more friends showed up and we decided that instead of enjoying the Great Strides CF Walk, we'd celebrate the Great Strides CF Sit.

So, Bennett's Brigade sat, talked and ate brunch.  We were so blessed to be joined by old friends as well as new!

Aunt Brooklyn and Uncle Joseph came all the way down from Dallas to be with us today!

Hanging out at a local bakery.  The CF Walk was planning to feed 200 people.  When asked what was going to happen to all that food, the organizer said it would probably go to a homeless shelter. We were glad to hear others would enjoy a good meal today.

Outside of not being able to participate in the walk, we were bummed that we didn't get to meet other CF families.  We hope to do that in time later.  (Notice how all of our friends wore blue shirts.  Wasn't that so sweet?!)

 Beth with Aiden and Breck with Bennett.  Aiden is 3 weeks older than Bennett.  It's obvious from this picture that, Bennett has caught up well with his weight!

We tried for a kid picture.  And of course, it turned out perfectly!

Everett tries to make a run for it! :)

Amy, the Walk's organizer, mentioned that Bennett was going to win an "award" at this year's walk.  He was going to win "The Youngest CF Participant" award.  We hope he will win it every year after.  We don't want any new babies in Waco to have CF!

Thank you to all of our friends who came out today.  More than $300 was raised in honor of Bennett.  And in Waco, more than $25,000 was given for research for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis!  We were sad the walk was canceled but there is always next year!!!


  1. we wish we could have been there with you guys today. you were definitely in our thoughts!

  2. I saw your family on America's Funniest Videos tonight! That means your family has accomplished my husband's goal for our family. He is pretty impressed!


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