22 April 2010

Can you call this Crawling?!?

So my friend Lindsay stated only a few weeks ago that meeting the "crawling" milestone is technically getting "from point A to point B" doesn't matter how babies do it, as long as they do it.

So, would one actually consider this crawling?!  Possibly "back-crawling" or the "waterless backstroke?"

*p.s. Oliver was in the process of "cleaning" out his closet and finding toys and other storage Momma wasn't ready for him to get into.


  1. That is SO funny!Love, Ms.Ann

  2. Love it! Feels like I'm right there in your house, hanging out with you and your boys! How cute that Bennett is on the move.

  3. Love it! Leave it to Bennett to find a new way to travel... ;)


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