09 April 2010

Breck's Thoughts: His Face On A Tshirt

:::Sigh::: They arrived today.  I am so very excited... see the t-shirts we have created for the upcoming CF Walk.  They look great!  New t-shirts are always fun!  They smell good and look so nicely pressed.

This afternoon, I spent time unpacking them and lining them up according to each person who ordered them.  I plan to mail some of them to those that ordered from far away.

I took some pictures of them both to put on the blog and to put in Bennett's CF Walk Scrapbook...
...and then I felt that knot in my stomach.

His CF Scrapbook.  His CF Tshirts.  His CF disease.

How strange it feels.  To make your kid's tshirts.

How real it makes it feel.  That it's my kid who has an incurable disease.

As matter of fact, the first thing I noticed when our friend Melissa showed me the t-shirts was the eyelash...

...on the little baby's silhouette on the front of the shirt.  I hadn't really every noticed such a small detail before.

But it felt like it was actually Bennett's face.   My son's face.

And then I glanced at his name.  It's my son's name.

And then it hit me again - that knot in my tummy.

I've heard about walks, fundraisers, events for children with life-threatening diseases.  I just never imagined I'd be helping to coordinate one...

...not for my son.


  1. I totally feel you on this one. Last year was such a blur up to the day of the walk (gav was only a few weeks old) and halfway through the walk I broke down.

    But I reminded myself, you can only stress so much over the things you cannot change and need to focus on what you CAN change...which is exactly why we're walking, for change. :)

  2. I get the knot on a different level. I'm so sorry.


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