15 March 2010

What will the Waco Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides 5K be like?

Several friends have asked us what to expect at the Great Strides walk this year. Honestly, we have no idea. We have never been...nor had we even heard about it until we heard about our son's diagnosis.

However, as we continue to have conversations with other CF families, we learn more and more what it might be like. We felt like the best way to share it with you is through pictures.

So, here are some pictures and links we found on the internet that might demonstrate what the CF Great Strides Walk will be like.  We did not take these pictures and these pictures are from a variety of Great Strides Walks throughout the United States. Click the picture to find their original source. 


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  1. It looks (to me anyway) very similar to the Susan G. Komen or some of the other charity 5ks that I've done in the past. Do you have a website link setup to donate to yet?


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