02 March 2010

Video: Bennett gets his CPT

Here is a video of Bennett getting his CPT last night.  The small pink thing in Breck's hand is called a percussor.  We can buy different sized percussors depending on the child's size.  However, we have been using a oxygen mask taped to a tongue depressor (given to us by the hospital)...until it broke.  So, we are happy to have this new percussor. 

This percussor was given to us by a sweet momma in California that we met over the internet who has a little girl with CF named Lucy.  (Lucy has moved on to bigger and better percussors.  She has "the vest" - something we look forward to getting when Bennett is about a year and a half.  We have put up a video that we found on Youtube of "the vest" so we can show what we are looking forward to in the next year!)

Bennett CPT:

A Child with CF using "The Vest":

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  1. I am so glad Lucy's percussor cup found such a great home! Keep up the pounding! :P It seems like he likes it to get his "massage."


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