16 March 2010

Update - Life with Bennett

Almost right after returning from Missouri, we noticed some big changes in Bennett.  It's amazing with little babies how much they progress in such a small amount of time.  It seems like once we landed back in Texas, he decided to do all kinds of new things.

Here are some of the things we are really enjoying about our boy:
* Bennett is becoming more and more engaging.  He easily smiles when he feels good and loves to be held. He is also very ticklish.
* Bennett is putting more weight on his legs and starting to learn how to bounce and jump in his Jumperoo.
* Bennett enjoys listening to his voice and makes bubbles with his lips.  It is rewarding to see Bennett so happy.
* Bennett is starting to finally settle into a nap schedule.  This has been a relief for us since his needs can be quite demanding.  Now that we know when he will be awake and asleep, we can be more concious of his need.
* The nice Texas Spring-like weather helps us all to enjoy each other.  Bennett is very content to be outside playing in his bouncer or in his jumperoo.  He really enjoys watching big brother Oliver play and laugh in the yard.
* While Bennett continues to be about 1 month behind on his development, he does seem to be developing on that timeline exactly.  So, this gives us the reassurance that he will eventually catch up.

Here are a few things still concerned about but feel hopeful towards:
* Our biggest concern continues to be keeping him well.  If he gets too sick (esp. with a hospital stay), this will delay his development more. We are happy the typical cold/flu season is over.
* We are hoping Bennett's eating issues improve.  Unfortunately, if our experience so far as told us anything, it's that Bennett may struggle with eating for some time.
* Bennett's bowels have become more regular with Miralax, which is wonderful.  We have actually  noticed that he has had many fewer cramps since we have given him this gentle laxative.  While Bennett is not permanently on Mirlax, many CF children have to take it daily.  We will continue to keep our eye on any GI problems as those who have had Meconium Ileus in the past are more likely to have GI problems in the future.

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  1. Hi, Breck an Bryan, not sure if you remember me, but I went to the Rock ages ago, and Breck, I was in Emily M's wedding with you. Anyways.... I saw your site from Emily's blog. Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm praying for Bennett. I'm also a pharmacist, and wanted to pass along a little tip for when he is a little older. Miralax is a great laxative, but if you are wanting something more "natural" ground flax seed is equally effective. Not sure how this will work with his eating issues, but once he is 1-2, it can be mixed in with oatmeal or cereal, and is a great "natural" way to keep his bowels soft. (hope that doesn't gross you out that I'm talking about that, but I discuss it every day with patients..and I'm a new mom also, so poop is a daily topical with me : )
    Praying for your family and little man.
    -Mary (Cowherd) Cady


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