01 March 2010

Update - Bennett's First Cold, Part 7...

...or "Update - Bennett's Second Cold/more RSV/a new Virus/Pneumonia?!?, Part 1"

So, Bennett seemed to recover last Wednesday from his cold/RSV except for maybe some slight wheezing.  On Thursday, he seemed to continue to do well.  We wondered if the wheezing could have been from his tracheomalacia since his nose was no longer running, he wasn't running fever and seemed to be feeling better.

But on Friday, we picked up on a cough and we saw the runny nose come back.  It wasn't exactly a cough but when he did cough (usually when he was upset), it was a wet cough (a cough that seemed to sound like junk was in his lungs).  But we thought, knowing this virus had lasted two weeks already, it might be going away.

By Friday afternoon, we had resolved we'd go to the doctor on Monday but would wait out the weekend to see what transpired.  It was as though he was sick but healing...or sick but with a virus that could not be treated.

So, today, we went to the doctor to have him checked out.

Turns out Bennett is still wheezing pretty hard.  (The doctor actually started her visit with "well, the nurses tell me you're wheezing like a freight train, huh, buddy?")

The doctor was pretty concerned so she has put us back to the every four hour allbuterol/nebulizer and CPT.  He was also given a chest xray which the doctor has sent to the radiologist to see if he may have the beginnings of pneumonia.

The doctor believes he probably still has a virus (either he still has RSV or has a new virus) so she isn't going to treat it with antibiotics yet.  But if the radiologist thinks it is pneumonia, she will then proceed with medicine.  We don't feel like she is concerned enough to put him in the hospital but she does want to monitor him.

We have plans on Friday to fly out for a visit to Brian's family in Missouri for our "Christmas in March" so our prayer is Mr. Bennett begins breathing better and we get the ok for traveling to the "Show-Me" state.


  1. Feel better, Bennett!! We'll be praying for you.

  2. Aww! We'll continue to pray. Please also pray for Caden. He just developed RSV over the weekend.

  3. Poor Guy! Aunt Brook can come if you need help! Let me know.


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