09 March 2010

Update - Bennett at Marchmas

We are enjoying Marchmas (Christmas in March) with our family in Missouri.  Bennett has finally kicked his cold and is back to normal...well, almost.

We've had to give him Miralax for the last few days because he has stopped having dirty diapers.  The doctors aren't too worried about it.  But there is always the fear of an obstruction in his bowels.  So, we all monitor it closely.  It seems those who are born with Meconium Ileus have a higher rate of having something similar happening later.  However, Miralax seems to doing it's job for now.

The only other news to report is that last night when Brian went to flush Bennett's g-button, he found no water would go through.  We became concerned because it was 1am and we were just about to hook him up to his nightly feeding pump.  After several tries to unclog his g-button, we were forced to take it out and put a new one in.  (We always keep a backup g-button in his diaper bag for situations such as these.)

We were really concerned Bennett, who was sleeping at the time, would feel pain when we pulled the old g-button out and put the other one in.  However, we have become quite the g-button experts and were able to do it without him feeling much discomfort at all. 

We were able to hook him up to the pump and put him to bed while we investigated the "case of the clogged g-button."  Turns out that there were no less than 15 enzyme beads in the very very narrow button tube (which has a width barely larger than a toothpick).  Over the course of the last few days, the applesauce, formula and water had collected along with the enzymes to clog it up completely, despite our best efforts.

So, at this point, we are forced to give Bennett his enzymes by mouth once again.  We will reconsider trying the g-button out again once we are home.  But while we are away, we feel it's better to be conservative and not get ourselves into another crisis situation.

Thankfully, outside of the lack of dirty diapers, all is well.  Bennett is happily continuing on as a 5 month old who loves chewing his fingers, trying to roll over, playing with his feet and giving us some of the *most loveable* smiles.

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