05 March 2010

Traveling with a Child with Special Needs

One of the new things we are learning in the process of caring for Bennett is how to travel with a child with special needs.  After some research (including a call to the airlines and a few online conversations with other CF moms), we have taken some needed steps to make our traveling with Bennett go smoothly.

Here's what we did:
Step 1: We called the airlines to find out their policies about traveling with medical supplies.  We were told not to check any medical supplies.  It is important that we plan to carry them on the plane with us.

Step 2: We requested from the doctor a signed letter stating Bennett's needed medications.  We plan to bring it along with us at the airport to substantiate everything in his medicine bag.

Step 3: We have tried to keep the official pharmacy labels on all of the medications we could in order to help reassure security the medication is valid.

Step 4: We packed Bennett's medical bag...aka an entire suitcase!  The airlines stated that it was best for us to pack our medical supplies in a separate bag so that security would know all of the supplies were medically necessary.  Fortunately, the airlines do not charge for bags of necessary medical supplies.

Step 5: We are allowing plenty of time to go through security at the airport.

Step 6: We are praying everything goes smoothly today!!


  1. I will keep you and your family in my prayers that your travel will go smoothly! Can't wait to meet again.

  2. we're praying for you guys!! not only for safe & smooth travel, but peace & rest once you get there. love ya!


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