25 March 2010

Oliver and Bennett Comparisons

At the request of Cynthia, we are posting some comparison pictures of Bennett and his big bro Oliver at similar ages.  We don't have very many of the two of them from similar angles.  So, we will have to work on get some more.  But until then, here's what we see so far:

Both Boys Have A Good Open Mouth Grin:

Oliver, 29 Weeks Old, May 2008

Bennett, 24 Weeks Old, March 2010

And They Both Have Similar Little Lips:
Oliver, 5 Months Old, April 2008

Bennett, 5 Months Old, March 2010


  1. The lips and smile! That's what I was seeing!! Who do you think he looks like now that he is 6 mos? Ollie had a ton of hair!

  2. How cute!!! Thanks for sharing!


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