01 March 2010

Happy Five, Bennett-Boy!

Yesterday was Bennett's five-month birthday.  Well, sorta.  Bennett would have turned 5 months old on February 30.  But since there isn't a February 30, we were happy to celebrate his birthday on February 28!

We are getting lots of comments about how alert Bennett seems to be these days.  We have noticed a few things ourselves.  He is *so* close to rolling over (from his back to his tummy).  Actually, a few nights ago, we found him flipped over...right on his face, which didn't make him very happy.  But we haven't seen him flip over again since.

He has started putting things in his mouth and holding onto toys.  We are seeing the beginnings of a double chin (we're so happy) and he is gaining more head control.  He enjoys being upright and watching the world around him.  He'll move to sights and sounds that interest him.

Bennett loves putting his feet up in the air (a sign he is gaining more control over his legs) and has begun putting some pressure on his feet.  

We haven't heard a laught yet but look forward to when we will.  Until then, we're happy with the huge grins he gives us.  We love our "bay-bay" (as Oliver calls him).

Happy 5 Month Birthday, Bennett!


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