22 March 2010

Enzyme Dilemma - Resolved?

We are meeting with Bennett's Speech Therapist today but we are already feeling alot of resolve with Bennett's enzyme issues.  Part of our success has come from an "ah-ha" moment of Breck's and part from a recent meeting with Bennett's Occupational Therapist.

Recently, Breck was reading a list of 4 month milestones and realized Bennett is meeting all of them...just about a month late.  That lead her to consider how much of Bennett's problem may be his inability to organize his tongue muscle.  Possibly he has not yet learned how to effectively push the food to the back of his mouth with his tongue.  Considering this, we have been able to be more patient with this issue believing some of it may resolve itself.

Then, a recent visit from Bennett's Occupation Therapist also helped us see that part of Bennett's eating issue does stem from what she calls an "oral defensiveness."  Bennett doesn't like things in his mouth and we need to be aggressive in changing that.

So, the therapist recommended that we take a "get permission approach."  We offer the food at the tip of his tongue and give him time to decide if he'd like more.  His giving us permission takes away any control issues that might arise from feeding between parent and child.  If Bennett doesn't want more food, we give him his pacifer (which makes him very happy).  After a few seconds, we pull the pacifer out and try presenting the food again.  Eventually, we offer the pacifer less and he shows interest in the food more.

At the recommendation of Bennett's therapist, we are also offering Bennett use of a Nuk Brush Massager several times a day in order to encourage his interest in putting things in his mouth.  We brush it against his cheek and again allow him to give us permission to put it near his mouth.  Since we have started this, he has already begun putting more things in his mouth.

So, while we are fully aware Bennett could again resist the enzymes at some point, we have noticed that the changes we have made are effective.  Bennett has started to enjoy his food to the point that we are going to ask his Pulmonologist next week for permission to begin feeding him solids.  We believe she will say yes since he will be 6 months old and most Pediatricians recommend to start feeding between 4-6 months.  We are happy to see that, most likely, at 6 months, Bennett should be ready to eat - enzymes or not!


  1. How about that! What a great way to teach him to put things in his mouth!

  2. Glad to hear!

    On a slightly different note, vest advice we got from our nutritionist, never switch up what you give with the enzymes. If you use applesauce, always use applesauce. Once you start switching products they'll get picky and you'll never have exactly what they want on hand :) One less battle to fight, it just is what it is :)


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