31 March 2010

Celebrating Six Months of Bennett

It's hard to believe that Bennett is already half of a year old!

Last night, we celebrated his big day!

Oliver really enjoyed all the fun...especially because he knew cake was involved.

We used a "6" candle on his cake to celebrate each month we have had Bennett in our lives.

Of course, since this was his Half Birthday, we celebrated with only half of the cake.

However, since Bennett doesn't have teeth yet, he didn't enjoy any cake. 

But we decided to light a candle on his very own serving of Apple Pears.

He seemed to be quite pleased with this arrangement.

Oliver helped his little brother blow out the candle.

And Daddy assisted his little boys.

Of course, no birthday party is complete without a gift.

Oliver loved opening Bennett's gift for him.

However, once opened, he did say, "Toy?  Where'd it go?"

Poor kid didn't realize that Bennett's present was a very appropriate gift for such an occasion as this...Bennett received his very own Half Dollar!  Lucky guy!

Bennett, you changed our family six months ago.  And we are so glad!  We love you, Sweet Boy!


  1. happy half-birthday bennett!! we love you!

  2. happy half birthday! y'all are so cute!

  3. So jealous I didn't get a piece of the half-cake....

  4. What a fun half-birthday! You are very creative!

    Wendi Jones


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