10 March 2010

Brothers in a Wagon

 :::We are still in Missouri and so we are a bit behind on pictures.  Nonetheless, we decided to post these pictures from the Thursday before we hopped a plane to the Midwest!  Enjoy!:::

Last week we had a beautiful day in Waco.   It was in the 70s and we knew both kids would enjoy the warm weather. We had just come back from Bennett's appointment and we thought the boys would enjoy playing outside in the garage before we walked inside.

Bennett chills in his carrier.

Oliver plays around with the soccer ball.

Eventually, we put Bennett on a blanket in the wagon so he could just hang out.  Within a few minutes, Oliver had climbed in also.

We caught this picture of him caressing Bennett's head.

Here Oliver is taking Bennett's hand to "play" with the toy by pushing the green button on his car.

After that, he found Bennett's chest would be a great place to roll his car.

Such sweet boys.

Looking out across the street.  This was such a special time between the boys.  We love to see their brotherhood grow.


  1. Just recently stumbled on your blog. My son, Gavin, just turned one and was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis through the newbron screening test...looking forward to following your story!

  2. Awww, I love the pictures of your boys, Breck. So sweet!


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