09 March 2010

Bennett's First Plane Ride

Bennett had his first plane ride last Friday when we made our way to Missouri to see his Grandparents (Nana and Pawpaw).    Big brother Oliver has flown many times but this was also a big deal for him since it was his first time to have his very own seat!

Oliver takes a picture of Daddy, who sat across the aisle from us.

Here Breck explains how the airplane is driving out on the runway and about to go up, up, up!  (Notice the toy airplane on her hand.)  Bennett merely hears the roar of the plane and falls asleep.

Our little Peanut sleeps the entire way.

And we kept our other Peanut quiet with a pacifier and a movie on the trip.  Thank goodness for portable DVD players!!  Fortunately, they both did great and Momma even caught a cat nap!


  1. Glad yall had a good trip on the plane! Hope you have a wonderful Marchmas in Springfield with Brian's family! Can't get over how chunky Bennett's getting! Ms. Ann

  2. You are lucky you caught some nice weather for your trip. Enjoy your time with Brian's family.


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