21 March 2010

24 Weeks Old (Almost 6 Months Old)

It's hard to believe our nearly 6 month old resembles a little boy at times!  Here he is sitting up all by himself!

He did end up falling over head first into Momma's lap but stayed there for quite some time which was impressive for a baby who is lagging behind in some of his skills.  We think we're starting to see Bennett begin to catch up in some ways.

He started laughing about a week ago.  It is alot of fun to watch.

Bennett may be teething (as you can tell).  We haven't seen any teeth yet but there are signs they are on their way!

Bennett loves to look at you while he's on his tummy.  He hasn't rolled over yet but is gaining great muscle control on his belly.

Bennett loves to hear his name (particularly when it's spoken in a ridiculously high pitch).  He'll smile like you just made him blush!

Bennett is still a bit picky about putting toys in his mouth.  But chubby fingers are no problem!

Face plant: That darn head is a bit heavy at times to hold up for too long!

Our lean little boy is starting to look pudgy.  We love seeing his fat cheeks and every growing rolls of baby fat.

It's hard to believe how much babies change in such a short amount of time!  Bennett is certainly becoming his own little person these days!


  1. Cutie! I was wondering if he was teething after one of your recent pictures.

  2. He looks way too big sitting in that rocking chair! Love, Ms.Ann


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