09 February 2010

Update - February 9, 2009

Bennett continues to thrive these days.  In the past two weeks, we have met with Bennett's Pediatrician and Pulmonologist. 

At Bennett's 4 Month Pediatrician appointment, we were very happy to see that Bennett is growing along the growth chart curve.  He is now in the 10th percentile for weight and for height!!  His head is in the 1st percentile but we aren't too worried about that.

We are happy to hear more and more comments from friends and random people who we meet throughout the week that Bennett "looks healthy" or "is getting chubby."  This is reassuring to us that others are seeing what we are seeing in Bennett - he's thriving.

Bennett has not hit some of the milestones we would expect he likely would have hit on time if he hadn't been so sick so early in his life.  He cannot yet roll over and does not bring toys to his mouth yet.  He also does not want to put any weight on his feet.  From what we understand, this is typical behavior for 3 month olds.  So, we are considering Bennett to be about a month behind his peers.

But, he is tolerating being placed on his tummy more and more.  So, we're waiting for him to do the rollover at some point soon.  He does play with toys, he just doesn't have any interest of having toys in his mouth.  He's much more interested in gnawing on his hands.

We have been told by his therapists that Bennett can be up to two months behind before being considered delayed.  We have been told to rest assured that this is normal for a child who has experienced so much hospitalization and sickness.  But, we still long for him to hit his milestones as soon as possible.

Bennett's temperment is starting to become more and more apparent to us.  He is an incredibly laid back baby.  He rarely cries anymore (now that he is tolerating his feeds) and is a fabulous sleeper.   He is easy to make smile and loves most when he is kissed on the side of his neck (if you can find it!).

All in all, life around here is getting pretty normal - even boring.  And we *LOVE* it!

We continue to thank God for health and peace!

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