18 February 2010

Update - Bennett's First Cold, part 2

Well, as we suspected, this cold is a bit different than the colds Oliver caught when he was a baby.

Bennett is really struggling to breathe through his cold.  The cold started out last week with him just being snotty and seeming to have some extra mucus in his chest.  With a wait and see approach (guided by our CF Clinic), we increased his nebulizer to every 4 hours during the day.

When we saw that he had green snot over the weekend, the doctors agreed we should start him on Bactrim antibiotic to help him should he have an infection.  We were told to continue his nebulizer/allbuterol/CPT treatments every 4 hours during the day.  Since he got sick last week, he hasn't been hungry at all so we have fed him through his g-tube soley (thank goodness for that G-tube!!).

Bennett hasn't been feeling well since last weekend.  And yesterday, we began to hear more of a wet cough.  It was then that we began to recognize just how difficult he was finding it to breathe.  His breaths are deep as he makes an effort to push air through his constricted lungs.

By last evening, we began to hear wheezing.  The CF doctor called in some Prednisone steriods for him to see if we could help him not have to work so hard to breathe.  It hasn't improved him much but we hope we will see the effects of it soon.

Right now, he is breathing so hard that you can see his ribs when he takes a breath.  It's pretty scary to watch.  But the doctor reassured us that as long as he is feeling well, he should be ok and we are doing everything we can.

One change the doctor made today was the instruction to give Bennett his nebulizer/allbuterol treatments every four hours - including through the night.  We must do this until he improves.  Another change that was made is that Bennett is now on a more powerful antibiotic, Augmentin.

We are really watching him - knowing things could change for the better or worse at any time.  For now, however, he seems comfortable and doing well.  We just want to help him stop having to work so hard just to force the air in his lungs.

We are hoping this is just a cold and has not turned in to RSV.  For now, the doctor feels that he should begin improving in the next 24-48 hours.  We should see him dramatically improve by Sunday.  Let's hope!


  1. Oh no, poor Bennett! I hope he starts improving soon, we will be praying for him.

  2. Here's praying that Bennett gets better soon!!! Hang in there!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear little B isn't feeling well. I'm sure it comes with a lot of different feelings than when Ollie has been sick. I hope he feels better soon!

  4. Praying for a speedy recovery for Bennett

  5. you guys are in our prayers. we love you!

  6. My prayers are with all of you. Praying especially that he is able to breathe more freely.


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