23 February 2010

Update - Bennett's First Cold, Part 5

Bennett seems to be improving daily.  Bennett is still wheezing but is breathing almost completely normally.

We called to notify our CF clinic that he is still sick today, though.  They wanted to hear back to find out how he's doing.  They said that there are alot of viruses going around so it makes sense that he's got RSV.  They also warned us to watch out for the stomach bug floating around.  This makes us feel better about hibernating at home this winter despite that we are getting stir-crazy - none of us want that stuff!

It's so nice to know our CF doctor is monitoring him from afar.  We use our local pediatrician for those things we can do locally.  But it's nice to know our specialist in Fort Worth is only a phone call away and is closing monitoring Bennett's progress.  Dr. Dambro wants us to continue his meds for another few days and then, call back with an update on Thursday.

We can see why colds, viruses and respiratory infections can be worrisome.  Each time he gets something in his lungs, there is fear that it will scar the lungs.  And, honestly, each time he gets something, the lung disease has the potential to progress more.  It's unrealistic to think Bennett can never get lung infections.  But it seems to be making more and more sense to us why keeping him well is so important.  For example, we recently purchased a sterilizer for his nebulizer equipment.  We are now sterilizing his equipment daily to keep him from breathing in bacteria.  We also want to be very cautious with him around cigarette smoke, mold and other things that would compromise his ability to breathe.  We are still learning how to provide the best enviroment for Bennett.  At this point, the best thing is just to help him heal!

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