21 February 2010

Update - Bennett's First Cold, part 4

Bennett seems to be doing a bit better.  He is still wheezing and has shallow breaths/retractions.  But overall, he seems to be improving little by little.  The main thing we notice is our little one is showing more and more of his personality - which means he feels better.  Since RSV is highly contagious, we'll be staying home a bit longer.  But we hope his breathing will clear up in the next week.

Since Bennett has not been feeling well over the last 1.5 weeks, we haven't seen how much he is growing cognitively.  However, the in the last two days, as he has felt better, we have noticed his efforts to roll over (from back to front) and his efforts to hold on to/grab toys.  In many ways, he acts more like a 2-3 month old than a 4-5 month old.  But we know that his being so sick has consistently held him back.  His body can't discover the world around him when it's fighting to heal.

Nonetheless, we are enjoying our little sack of sugar. :)

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