08 February 2010

Uh-Oh. It's a tie.

Well, all week they've been competing, T-shirt Design 2 and 3...

We kept thinking that one design might just pull ahead but Design 1 seemed to split the vote.

We ended with Design 1 with 26% of the vote.  Design 2 and 3 with 36% of the vote.

So, we have no other recourse but to do a tie breaker to see what shirt design Bennett's Brigade will be wearing this year for the Great Strides Cystic Fibrosis Walk in Waco on April 17.

The polls will be open for another few days.  If you already voted in the last election, do it again!  Which is your favorite? 

Design 2....or Design 3?

Remember, click the images to make them bigger.   (Do note that the year 2009 will be changed to 2010.  And, while Design 1 is shown, it is no longer an option.)



  1. Sounds familiar, right? Thankfully in that one a revote wasn't necessary ;) (P.S. I'm voting for 3.)

  2. I'll have to vote for the #3 because I'm terribly partial to the retro look. I love keeping up with your family on the blogs. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  3. Style #3, is kinda' surfer it!


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