24 February 2010

The Synagis Shot

One of the first things we learned with Bennett was diagnosed with CF was how important the Synagis shot was.  The Synagis shot is a monthly injection designed to help protect high risk babies from severe RSV disease during the RSV season.  Since Bennett has chronic lung disease, Bennett's doctors recommend that he get the shot from November until March until he is 2 years old (basically this winter and next).

Bennett was able to get the shot in November and December but he maxed out our insurance prescription coverage by January (only 4 months into the policy!) and was unable to get the shot during January and February.

Since one shot costs $1700 and we need 6 per year, we were unable to pay out of pocket.  And needless to say, insurance companies do not often want to pay it unless they absolutely have to.  

Obviously, we were really disappointed when we learned Bennett has RSV since we know that had he had the shot, he might not have gotten sick.  But we have since learned that many insurance companies deny the Synagis shot for CF patients.  Unfortunately, the American Association of Pediatrics does not yet fully recommend that the Synagis shot be given to CF patients since studies are still limited on the real danger RSV causes on CF lungs.  (Too bad that if are wrong, our children are may be suffering from the scarring of their lungs.)

We have spent the last few months trying to figure out alternative ways to get the shot covered.  And fortunately, today we were told that our doctor's office may have found a new way of being able to get the shot for Bennett.  We are excited about this as we understand a baby can get RSV repeatedly during the same winter.  He should get one more shot in March and then will, hopefully, be set up to get the needed shots next winter.



  1. That's awesome news! To what age do they recommend he get them?

  2. That is crazy! Emma gets these shots as well. Thankfully it's been totally covered (well I say that but it does have a 125 copay...but so much better than 1700). And then of course Emma got the cousin virus of RSV...shot didn't cover that one...just our luck...ha ha.


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