25 February 2010

Say Yes To Drugs!

There was some big CF news this week.

After many years of research, a special CF drug called "Cayston" has just received FDA approval to be used for CF patients.  CF patients, who battle recurrent lung infections, often develop a resistance to existing antibiotics.  Therefore, this inhaled drug offers an alternative - another drug as arsenal against infections - which is wonderful!

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is the one who funds most of these drug trials.  And that money for science is gathered through fundraisers like the Great Strides Walk.

There are alot of really exciting drugs being developed for CF right now.  One of the things we really enjoy looking at often is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's Drug Development Pipeline, which shows which drugs are in development and how far they are from getting to Bennett!!

(we lifted this image from the website; to understand this chart, click here.)

We are already using AquaADEKS and Pacrelipase Products/Enzymes (both in green).  We will most likely use the Hypertonic Saline (in blue) soon.  And TOBI (in red) is a staple of CF care these days.

Look in the yellow...that's our most hopeful effort to see a cure.  Gene therapy, which had been the hope years ago, did not end up working as the scientists thought.  So, at this point, everyone is watching the CFTR modulation (aka that which is in the yellow)

The bottom line is medications are on their way to help us extend Bennett's life, which is so exciting!!

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