09 February 2010

Pictures from Bennett's Newborn Photo Session...4 Months Late

One of our favorite people from Brian's masters program at Duke Divinity School is his former classmate, Jess Wong.  Jess is the first person we met when we moved to North Carolina four years ago and one with whom we have continued to keep in touch.

While she continues to study for her PhD in Religion at Duke, her parents live in Dallas (coincentially near Breck's sister, Brook-Lyn). When we moved to Waco this year, we were excited, among other things, to be closer to Jess' family, whom we have come to love.

Jess' father is a professional photographer who said months before Bennett was born that he would be willing to photograph Bennett's newborn pictures for us.  So, understandably, we were disappointed when Bennett wasn't able to come home immediately after his birth and missed the opportunity to have newborn pictures made.  But John reassured us that he would be ready when we were.

So, this weekend, we *finally* had a chance to meet with John to take Bennett's photographs.  We were so very excited because this man does amazing work!

In addition, Brook-Lyn, Breck's sister was so kind to come with us on the shoot to help entertain Oliver and be an overall helper to us.  We also cherished the opportunity to get to see her.  While we were busy, Brook happily took a few shots of our photo session for us by which to remember the day.  These shots may be a bit blurry but we didn't want our camera's flash to ruin the beautiful pictures John was taking.

We look forward to seeing the final product soon!

Breck and Bennett talk to Cindy, John's wife, who came to help with the photo shoot.  Cindy is such a lovely person and really cares for us like a second mother.  John gets everything ready in the background. 

All the clothes hung up and ready.

Breck makes silly faces and talks to Bennett in a high pitched voice - an effort to get Bennett to smile.  Poor John had to listen to it...right in his ear.  :)

Oliver gets a few shots by himself.  You can see that in this picture he is actually using "sign language" for please (hand in a circle on his chest) as he says "cheese."  He is smiling while also asking for candy...our bribe for a very very patient boy!

Breck holds up candy and toys to get smiles of Oliver and Bennett (who are taking a few pictures with Daddy).  Cindy watches on.

This isn't a good picture but it's a hint of what we look forward to seeing in the proofs!

After our photo shoot, the Wongs took us all to a delicious restaurant in Dallas.  There generosity was overwhelming.  (We missed not getting to see Jess but she's studying hard back in North Carolina these days.)

Thank you, John and Cindy!  You are such a blessing to us. 


  1. Small World! I LOVE Cindy Wong!!! We attend the same church and were in a women's bible study small group together for two years - she also encouraged me to teach ESL and was like a momma to me during my first few years of marriage. Wonderful woman, sweet family, and amazing photographer - so neat how God weaves our lives together!!!

  2. Looks like you had so much fun and were treated like superstars!


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