20 February 2010

Pictures - 20 Weeks Old

Who would ever think our little bear is sick?  
Here our little chubby boy is happily posing for some Mommarazzi pictures.

Getting so big!

Those baby blues!

Just kickin' it.


  1. He looks very happy and (hopefully) on the way to beating the cold. I can't get over his toes- SO long!

  2. What a cutie! Hope he's better soon!

  3. Just look at that BIG smile! Hope he's beginning to feel better! Love, Ms.Ann

  4. He is just adorable...I totally hear you on the "who would even know he was sick". I think that all the time with Emma...just looking at her she looks like a normal baby...not showing what she had been through and what her future holds. He really is just one HANDSOME little boy! Thanks for keeping us all update on him!

  5. Breck, he looks soo chubby and healthy and happy in these photos!! What a joy to see!


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