11 February 2010

Day in the Life - Hanging around the house

Here are a few pictures we have taken in the last few weeks.  These are pictures taken of Bennett hanging around the house.

Baby Roo:  Momma takes a picture through the living room mirror.  Bennett is hanging out in his backpack-frontpack-pouch-thingy.

Nibbling on some good fingers.

Literally "hanging" in the Jumperoo. 

He's a bit too small so we stuck blankets in front and behind him to prop him up.

He's a bit too short, too.

Laying back and watching the birds toys.

  Handling some tummy time.  Trying to keep that heavy head up!

Smiling at momma behind the camera.


  1. As always, I always love to see new pictures of Bennett. I love that last one, especially! Love, Ms.Ann

  2. In the first picture I believe Bennett's face is saying "Mom, You are such a dork for making me sit in this thing!"
    I Love that last picture, He is such a precious baby!

  3. A SMILE!!!!! Ahhhhh, he's adorable!!


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