19 February 2010

Bennett's Brigade Tshirt Design

Well, it was close but Design 2 won with 53% of the vote.  And our friend Liz has completed Bennett's Brigade design. 

We asked her to add a verse we think is appropriate for Bennett in light of his CF diagnosis.  And, we added the walk's name: Great Strides for Cystic Fibrosis.  We think it looks so good!  (Click to enlarge)

But, we have more decisions to be made.  And we need help!  We've put a new poll at the top of the blog.

Which tshirt color should we use?  (Click the picture below to enlarge the colors)

* Cardinal Red
* Iris (A lighter blue)
* Royal Blue
* Kelly Green
* Orange
* Gold

Once we get the tshirt color down, we'll then go to choosing the color of the design on the tshirt.  Goodness, so many things to figure out! :)


  1. I vote for a unisex color that stands out, makes people want to take a look. Orange or gold would be fun! (Maybe blue or green for the design color?)

  2. I agree with Jen. I think a bright color that looks good on both males and females would be best so that Bennett's Brigade stands out when they are walking. I am assuming most people will be wearing jeans with their T-shirts so blue shirts won't look as good because it will blend in with the blue jeans. I am excited to get my shirt!!!!

  3. I absolutely love the verse you added! I have to say that Design 2 was my favorite so I'm glad it was chosen. I agree that brighter colors are best but no matter what color is finally chosen, Bennett's shirts will be the best!


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