27 February 2010

Bennett's Brigade Tshirt Color/Ink Color

Well, the people have spoken! :)

With 38% of the vote, Iris (a lighter blue) color has won out over the Kelly Green which had 27% of the vote, as well as the numerous other colors which could have been chosen.

Now, for the ink color...

To keep the shirts cost effective, we are limiting the number of shirt ink colors to one.  We picked three of our favorite coordinating colors.  If there is a color that we might be missing out on, let us know.  We need a picture, however, to show us how it would look.

Which one is your favorite? (see examples below)
* White
* Blue (a slightly darker/complimentary color to the tshirt)
* Brown

Here are some examples of what the colors might look like:

White on Blue

Blue on Blue

Brown on Blue


  1. How could you give a UNC shirt as an example? Where is the loyalty?!

  2. this is a tough decision. it is a baby trend to do the blue and brown. It would match your blog...but I think I like the picture you picked best with the white on the blue...
    so white on blue? if you really hate unc, you could use duke blue on the unc blue...
    dang I am going in circles here.

  3. I'm partial to the blue and brown, (the turquoise/chocolate is what we're doing in our house) - like Mary Mac said, it would match your blog. But I also agree that any of the choices will be perfect.


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