18 January 2010

Walk with us.

If you watched Bennett's video, you'll see that we have invited you to walk with us.

We are walking at the annual Great Strides Cystic Fibrosis Walk in Waco on April 17, 2010.

We have really wrestled with what it means to participate this year.  For us, it is simply to be publicly acknowledge - mostly to ourselves - that we have joined (like it or not) a community that nobody wants to be a part of.  But mainly, we want to walk for Bennett - to be able to one day tell him that he does not have to fight CF alone - it started way before he even knew he had the disease.

We didn't choose to have CF affect our family. But we are going to choose to fight this monster that is taking away too many young lives...and is compromising the life of our little loved one.

So, even though our Great Strides website (something free we get through the CF Foundation) has a listed fundraising goal, the reality is our greatest goal is just simply to participate...and hopefully to do so with friends.

If anyone would like to get some exercise and come laugh (and maybe even cry) with friends, please consider joining us.  Bennett's Brigade, call up the troops! :)

Go to our Great Strides website and click "Join our team."  Or, just show up.

April 17, 2010
Indian Spring Park
Waco, TX

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  1. Oh Breck, I would LOVE to come. Unfortunately, that is the weekend before I run the half marathon. If I can't make it for this, I definitely want to come visit another time. Hope to see you soon!


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