22 January 2010


Bennett is doing really well these days.  He is *such* a peaceful and sweet baby.  He is sleeping through the night most of the time, with us having to change out his feeding pump bag once during the night.  He tends to sleep for most of the morning and early afternoon but likes to be awake in the evenings.

He is very smiley.  Breck can look at him from across the room and he'll shoot her his pearly whites toothless gums.  We love to kiss his cheeks and neck most.  He really gets grinning when we do that.  We feel like he'll push out a laugh soon.

Since Breck is home with him most of the day, she gets to see his progress the most.  Yesterday, Oliver was down for his nap and she was busy on the phone.  All of the sudden, she heard the toy on Bennett's play pallet make a noise.  She looked over in shock to see Bennett had reached up and was playing with the toy.  His ability to grab and play with things has increased rapidly in the last week.

Bennett is now holding up his head better than ever.  He even handled being placed on his tummy yesterday!

We are pretty sure that the reason for his difficulties regarding the G-button is that the skin under the button has been growing up and becoming irritated.  When we met with the surgeon last, he cauterized the skin and has given us a prescription ointment to keep the skin from growing up.  It seems to be working as of now.  We will continue to put him on his tummy and encourage him to roll.  However, we know he will do so in his own timing.

Bennett showed some congestion this week.  We have been giving him Albuterol through his nebulizer to help open up his airways.  Afterwards, we do his CPT.  We have begun doing this twice per day.  It seems to be working and he seems to be less congested because of this.  We hope or proactiveness will help his lungs will stay clear.   If, for some reason, his congestion does not go away, we will have to increase our measures to four times a day.  But hopefully he will continue to improve.

We are so thankful for Bennett's health and to see Bennett continue to grow.
Every day is a gift.  Every. single. day.

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