26 January 2010

"...then I might have to get a G-button"

Oliver has a sweet friend named Roy, who is about 9 months older than Oliver.  He is the son of our friends Lindsay and Josh, who came to visit us at the hospital before Christmas when Bennett had his last surgery.  Roy is a very precocious 2-year old who happens to also be very tenderhearted.  While Oliver is fairly unaware of Bennett's issues, Roy has asked alot of questions and seems particularly interested in watching us feed Bennett through his G-button.  This is why we had to share this story his mother recently shared with us:

"Yesterday while driving Roy and I noticed a cat that had been hit by a car laying in the road. Roy was very distressed by it and was exclaiming in his sad voice (his sad voice is really pitiful sounding) "That's so sad mommy, that kitty got hurt." I agreed with him and thought I'd take advantage of this teaching moment, I told him that the kitty had been hit by a car and "that's why we need to be very careful when we're around cars so that we don't get hurt." His reply was "Yeah, then I might have to get a G-button."

Poor kid thinks hospital visits equal G-buttons. :)


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