25 January 2010

Surgery Follow Up Appointment - 1/25/09

Today, Bennett had a follow up appointment with Dr. Hamner, the surgeon in Fort Worth. 

Everything looks much better.  His scar is healing fine (especially now that the stitches are all out or have dissolved in his skin).  His G-button is looking great but we will continue to put the medication on it to keep the skin from growing up and becoming sensitive to the touch.  We will return in a month. 

The appointment took 15 minutes.  While it's a far drive to make for 15 minutes, we prefer those appointments - no drama and lots of smiles!


  1. YAY!! So happy to hear he's doing well :)

  2. That's the kind of check up you want all the time! So glad everything is going so well! Love, Ms.Ann


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