12 January 2010

Surgery Follow Up Appointment - 1/12/09

Today was Bennett's surgery follow up appointment since his reanastamosis (aka "Humpty Dumpty Surgery").  The doctor was fairly pleased.  The only concern was that Vicroyl stitches that were used to sew Bennett up were rejected by his body. 

We hadn't realized this but it makes sense now as there were several scabs on Bennett's scar that did look like there might be something wrong.  But they looked like they were going away so we had no idea.  They had been like that since the bandage came off several weeks ago.  Apparently, the scabs were the body rejecting the stiches.

So, to Breck's disappointment, at Bennett's clinic appointment, the Surgeon (Dr. Hamner) had to pull off the scabs and retrieve the stitches still in his wound.  Breck, who took Bennett to his appointment, hates blood so having to hold Bennett's legs and watch the Surgeon do this was pretty difficult. 

The Surgeon was really understanding towards Bennett and tried to do it as quickly as possible.  He was able to extract all of the stitches that had not dissolved in Bennett's skin.  We are to put Neosporin on it and keep it clean from infection.

The Surgeon also cauterized the skin under Bennett's G-button.  The doctor feels this may be why it is so sensitive.  He also prescribed some medication to help his skin stop growing up (??) into the G-button.  We aren't really sure what the deal is.  But we know that the Surgeon thinks this will solve the problem.  We hope!

We'll be back in two weeks so check back in.


  1. Breck, So sorry you had to do that! I know it was hard. I faint at the sight of blood these days. Plus it's hard to watch your baby cry in pain. Hopefully, everything will heal up properly now! Give Bennett a kiss and a hug for me. Ms. Ann

  2. Glad to hear the report was good for the most part!


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