28 January 2010

Revisiting Bennett's Birthday

During an OBGYN appointment today, Breck had a chance to see Bennett's delivery doctor, Dr. Bachofen, for the first time since Bennett was born.

We hadn't seen Dr. Bachofen since the moment when she sat next to Breck on her hospital bed and told her she'd discharge Breck from the hospital (only 12 hours after giving birth) because Bennett was being transferred to Temple for emergency pediatric surgery.

It was so exciting to see Dr. Bachofen.  Breck enjoyed being able to show Bennett off as well as to say thank you again in person to the doctor who listened to her fears and decided to go ahead and induce the baby early.  Dr. Bachofen was amazing at not ever really letting us know that she was concerned for Bennett's welfare.

This is why Breck was most interested in asking Dr. Bachofen her burning questions: "You were there at his birth, Dr. Bachofen. Were you worried that he would make it?"

Dr. Bachofen answered, "Yes.  I didn't think he was going to make it.  I was sick when I heard he had Meconium Peritonitis - the fact that his colon had ruptured. Yes, I was completely worried.  I didn't think he was going to make it."

Breck said: "He was supposed to be born on Friday but I came in on Wednesday morning with concerns he wasn't moving. I don't think he would have made it until Friday. Do you?

"No," she replied while shaking her head and looking down. "I do not think he would have made it."


We had felt this was the case.  We had felt that he was critically sick.  But to hear it from the doctor who was there was a reminder of the gift we were given.

This visit with Dr. Bachofen came on the heels of learning another one of Breck's friends lost her baby at 38 weeks pregnant.

We feel like we skirted death.  And we have no idea why we are left so fortunate to have our baby alive and well.

Our hearts skip a beat as we are reminded how nothing is promised.  Children are gifts given to us on borrowed time.

This is all the more why we have chosen to stop looking at Cystic Fibrosis' short life expectancy as heartbreaking but instead look at it as a gift we almost didn't receive.

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  1. Hi Brian and Breck. I don't know if you remember me or not---my maiden name is Peoples. You visited my parents, Anthony and Mylinda, a few times in Lawson, MO. I went to Mizzou for a semester and hung out with Breck a few times and went to the Rock with you guys once.

    Anyway, I saw your "Praying for Bennett" blog on Ashleigh Smith's blog back in October and have been reading it from time to time ever since. I pray for Bennett and your family often. I'm so happy to see that he is doing so well. What an amazing blessing. Your post today really hit home (although many of them have in a way because I also recently had a baby boy). "Children are gifts given to us on borrowed time." That is so important to always remember---Thank you SO much for that reminder.

    So happy you all are being continually blessed by this awesome, miraculous gift.


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