04 January 2010

"Pray for Bennett" Magnets

We have appreciated all of the prayers that have been given up on Bennett's behalf throughout the last three months - and for those who have committed to continue to pray as Bennett will fight this disease all of his life.  

A few months back, our friend Ashleigh had the great idea of creating a virtual "Pray for Bennett" blog button to help people to remember to pray for Bennett.   Many people have posted this button on their blogs, which has meant alot to us.

In fact, we liked this idea so much that we decided to create something similar that people can use in real life: "Pray for Bennett" magnets.  Our friend Beth Courtney sweetly shared her graphic design skills to create a magnet for us to give away to our friends and family.  Our hopes are that this magnet will be a way to help Bennett's Brigade to remember to continue praying. 

They just arrived in the mail so if anyone would like a "Pray for Bennett Brinson Gamel" magnet, just give us your address in the comment box or through an email at and we'll glady send one to you.  Specify if you want more than one.

This is our way of saying thank you for keeping Bennett in your prayers.  We can never really say thank you enough.


  1. I totally want sweet!

    I will of course just pick mine up when I get back to waco.

    miss you!

  2. yes please! i think you have my address :)


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