11 January 2010

Follow Up Appointments

This week is full of follow up appointments.  Today was Bennett's Pulmonology Follow Up in Waco (we are so fortunate that our doctor comes to Waco once a month!).  Bennett looked great and there were no concerns. 

Bennett weighed 10 lbs and 5.3 ounces keeping him in the 5th percentile.  He should be around 13 lbs right now.  His head circumference is 38 cm, around the 3rd percentile.  However, he is moving along the growth curve in both areas so this is good. 

Our lean bean seems to be growing longer.  His length was 23 3/8 inches, which is in the 30th percentile (up from 10th percentile last month).

We will have another follow up with the Pulmonogist in Waco next month and then see the doctor in Fort Worth the following month.  Visits in Waco are usually very short "well" visits with the doctor only.  However, our visits in Fort Worth tend to be more comprehensive since all of the team (dietician, nurse, child specialist, respiratory therapist, etc.) is there on those visits.

We have two more appointments this week.  Bennett will see the surgeon tomorrow for a follow up.  And on Friday, the ECI therapists will be coming to help us work on helping him meet his milestones.

  We feel SO very fortunate that we are able to get all of these doctor visits and therapy sessions for him so soon in his life.  It feels good that everyone's main goal at this point is to now keep him well, rather than get him well.


  1. I am so glad to see that Bennett is making grate improvements. Very good news for you all. And I am so glad he is a healthy baby once again. Something I am sure you have been waiting to see for some time.


  2. Indeed it is a blessing to get care for CF so early in life. To think that so many people used to get diagnosed too late in life.


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