07 January 2010

ECI Therapy Appointment

We had an evaluation with the Occupational Therapist on Monday.  It went great.  A few things that we learned include:
1.) Bennett's G-button is unusually sensitive and sore.  At this time, the therapists are advising that we not put Bennett on his tummy.  We need to talk to his surgeon about that next week. 
2.) We were once again reassured that Bennett is not developmentally delayed.  He is within the normal range, just behind alittle.  This is excellent news!

We have been directed to do the following things to help him hit his milestones on time:
* Present different textures to Bennett with a variety of toys.
* Rub toys/your hands on the back of Bennett's hand to stimulate the extensor tenden muscles which will help to open up his hands and fingers
* Place Bennett on his side to help him reach for toys (do this for both sides); this is in place of tummy time until he is able to lay on his tummy without pain.
* Help Bennett turn from side to side by "driving" his leg sover first to the other side while supporting his back and head.
* When changing Bennett's diaper, stretch his legs and bicycle them.  Stretch his arms as well.
* Continue to offer Bennett a bottle at least a couple of times a day despite that he is being fed primarily through the G-button
* Continue to hold Bennett during tube feedings for bonding.

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  1. Hey Breck, He's doing great. The therapies that the are having him do are the same that Grier did with her sitter. They are the Montessori methods. I always continue to have Bennett in my prayers.
    Take Care,


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