30 January 2010

Day in the Life - 3 Months Old

 Bennett cracks us up when we does this number... 

 ...Put something close to his mouth and his little froggy tongue comes right out to test it.  Babies learn about the world around them through their taste buds (our equivalent of finger tips), so it's not surprising that Bennett likes to taste things with his tongue.  But it's still pretty funny.  He'll sit there for a long time putting that tongue in and out, just tasting how soft or rough the fabric is.

When Bennett was in the NICU, he would often put his hands over his eyes.  We weren't sure if he was doing it on purpose or it was just coincidental.  However, we have observed that if he wants to sleep, sometimes he'll cover his eyes to block out any bright lights.

Oliver has started showing more and more interest in his little brother, who he insists on calling  "Baby" (rather than Bennett).  Recently, while Bennett was playing on the floor, Oliver decided to stop his running around and came down to play with Bennett.  It was a sweet moment we wanted to catch on camera.

And even sweeter was seeing Oliver give an unsolicited kiss to Bennett...right on the nose.


  1. Gorgeous photos - I especially love the one of Oliver & Bennett laying on the floor and looking up. SO SWEET!

  2. That picture of Oliver giving Bennett a kiss might be the sweetest thing ever!!!


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