19 January 2010

Bennett's Nursery

Bennett has just now begun to sleep in his room during the day.  He still sleeps with us in our bedroom at night due to his using a feeding pump.  However, we are happy to see him use the little room we set up for him many months ago.

Much of the room is just a hand-me down of big brother, Oliver's room.  However, some things are uniquely Bennett's:

This door wreath was given to Breck by her sister shortly after giving birth.  Since Bennett never came to Breck's hospital room during her stay there (he was too sick and had to stay in the NICU), Breck sat on her hospital bed recovering while looking at this beautiful wreath.  It means so much to us as it was a "stand in" for Bennett during our shock of not being able to see and hold our baby after he was born.

The wreath has now found a permanent home on Bennett's door.

Bennett was given a beautiful gift right before the holidays by our friend Julie.  She is the owner and artist of Painted Jewels.  She sent this gorgeous handpainted piece of art for Bennett.

It hangs near the rocking chair and lamp.  It's hard to see the details in the picture but there are sweet little light blue dots on the beige background - a perfect match for our room.

This sign means so much to us as it is a tangible reminder that Bennett is a blessing given to us by God.

 Another item that is unique to Bennett's room is a picture frame we purchased shortly after his birth.

This picture frame as a picture of Bennett in it.  It was the only reminder we had of Bennett in his room for the 5 weeks after his birth.  We enjoyed looking at his picture as we anxiously waited for him to come home.  The frame still sits next to a Mother Goose figurine and some children's books on his chest-of-drawers.

As we turn out this light each night, we are reminded how lonely and hallow this room once felt - and how much more alive it feels today.  We are so thankful that our little one is with us and thriving.  Soon, this room will be full of toys scattered across the floor.  We can't wait. (P.S. another gift for Bennett hangs on the closet door.  It's hard to see but it was a gift from our friend Carrie who also makes beautiful crafts at Name Drop.)

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  1. Bennett, we are so glad you can be in your own room now! We are so thankful for your precious life!
    the brookins


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