06 January 2010

14 Weeks Old

Bennett turns 14 weeks old today!  So, we celebrated with a "Momma-rrazi" photo shoot. :)

Bennett shows off his cool scar.  (His g-button is taped with gauze to keep it clean and comfortable for him.)

 Our little guy is smiling alot now.  While still difficult to catch on camera as of yet, we have been able to document proof of his sweet grin here and there.


 Talking to momma.

Time to put some clothes on.   Our growing boy is now in 0-3month clothes!  Hooray!

Happy feet.


Bennett's favorite things to do these days: chewing on his hands.



  1. I have been following Bennett's story since he was born. I have never commented before, but I just had to say how ADORABLE he is!!! He is so precious... And I'm so happy to see that he is doing so well.

  2. I always go to your blog in the mornings to see what's new with Bennett. It's always so good to see new pictures. He's so precious, Breck and Brian. I'm so glad to hear he's smiling a lot for you now! Ms. Ann

  3. Such sweet pictures! He's getting so big - I think he's going to be a tall boy!


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