09 December 2009

Video: Bennett Holds Up His Head and Coos

A few nights ago, Bennett had about 45 minutes of happy time.  He liked sitting up, looking around and even made a few sounds.  Because it's a rare moment and because she loves documenting *everything*, Breck whipped out her camera to catch his little sounds on video.  You kinda have to wait for it - he doesn't talk until about halfway in - and you'll hear his "crunchy" wheezy-breathing sounds but it beautiful to hear Bennett's little voice...especially because it means he's happy!


  1. I LOVED the video. The cooing and the yawn are delicious. Thanks for sharing Bennett with us!

  2. I love how he yawns almost on cue when you say he's up past his bedtime! Good boy =)

  3. How SWEET! Ms.Ann


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