14 December 2009

Packing and Ready to Go!

It is 11pm and we are almost done packing.  Breck and Bennett are leaving tomorrow morning to go to three appointments: an appointment with the pediatric surgeon, an appointment with the gastroenterologist and Pre-Op appointment.  Brian and Oliver will drive up separately tomorrow afternoon.

We will all stay in Fort Worth tomorrow night.  We hope to stay at the Ronald McDonald House if there is a room available but if there is not, we are planning to stay in a hotel.  We hope all will go well with an infant, toddler and two adults crammed into a small room for a short night's stay as we will be up very early for Bennett's surgery.

The surgery will be at 7am on Wednesday.  The only thing that will keep Bennett from surgery is if the doctors tomorrow find a reason why they don't feel confident about Bennett going forward with it.  We are very confident that things should be fine but we are prepared for the disappointment, should it happen. 

Since it will be an long day tomorrow, we are off to bed.  We are hoping Bennett's Brigade will be praying in full force Wednesday morning.  We do not fear anything will go wrong...but we are realistic that major surgery is still major surgery...especially on a little guy like Bennett.  No matter what happens - God is always good.


  1. Praying for you guys. Love ya!

  2. Will be praying, ever so hard! Ms. Ann

  3. Bennett's Brigade will be out in full force, Breck!

  4. praying for you too! Please let me know if you'd like someone to come hang out with you at the hospital after his surgery. I'd love to

  5. We will be praying! 1pm ET every Wednesday =)

  6. The Lammys will be praying for a sucessful surgery, and a peaceful wait for family!

  7. God is good! Praying that all goes well during the course of the next few days. Hang in there, friend!

  8. I swear that first picture looks so much like Barrett!!! Your boy is going to do great. God is good and in control. Breck, I've had to let so many things lately just "go." I haven't spoken with you recently but know that you guys are in our prayers. That little man has a long life in front of him. DO NOT DOUBT. Oliver will be fine too. He's young and much of this will not linger in his memory. We love you guys and are with you.
    Jerri & family


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