02 December 2009

Nightly Routine

One of the things we have started doing nightly is preparing Bennett's milk and giving him his daily medications.

Since Bennett is getting 24 calorie formula, we have to mix it differently than we would if he was getting the come-as-it-is-regular 20 calorie formula.  We are offering him 24 calorie formula so that he's getting his needed calories without having to increase his volume.  At the hospital, they gave me a sort of "recipe" to use.

Each night, we pour 22.5 ounces of sterile water into our "Bennett Pitcher".

We dish out 16 of these scoops (or 1 cup) of Elecare into the pitcher.

Once mixed, we put the lid on the pitcher and give it a good shake.  Then, we pour the mixture into 6 3-ounce bottles.

We prepare the bottles in advance so that we are very prepared for the next day.  All we have to do is grab  a bottle from the refrigerator and let it sit in hot water to warm. Then, after his enzymes, he's ready to eat!

Bennett needs 1/8th of teaspoon of salt per day.  So, we usually dump that in one of his nightly bottles.  We also crush a Prevacid tablet and stick that in there too.

In our effort to be organized, we have a special "Bennett cabinet" where we keep his medications, supplies and a stock of apple sauce.  (The apple sauce is used to give Bennett his enzymes.  We go through one jar about every two days)


  1. Is it possible to give him regular unsweetened applesauce in the big jars? It has apples, water, and absorbic acid (vitamin C). I do that to save money.

  2. Macy has a special cabinet and drawer as well. It is especially helpful for other caretakers (grandparents, etc) to have it all in one place! Regarding applesauce, it will never be considered a snack or side item on the menu for our household. It is something you use for taking medicine. Even my 8 year old thinks eating applesauce just to "eat it" is a really strange concept! - Julie Martin (Macy's mom)


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