01 January 2010

My, How You've Grown!

Bennett has been growing alot since his surgery two and a half weeks ago:

* He has grown out of his newborn clothing length-wise.  Those toes were hitting the bottom of his footsie pajamas where he could no longer extend his legs.

* He is starting to feel heavier and showing the beginning of baby fat rolls. 

* We have been estatic to see he no longer prefers the curled up position when lying down.  He likes to stretch out his legs and arms more and more.

* He enjoys looking around.  He focuses on faces.  And while he is laid back, he does seem interested in the world around him.

* His coos and smiles are becoming more frequent (which means he is happier more of the day).

* He likes to gnaw on his hands.  (This is our favorite new thing.  This is a precursor to chewing on toys, which is excellent!  Since babies explore their world by mouth, the more interested he is with things in his mouth, the better.  We love seeing his brain develop!)

* Bennett is showing a sort of routine.  He regularly sleeps throughout the night (this includes a diaper change and a few cries).  He wakes up to eat and enjoys going back down for a morning nap.  He tends to sleep alot throughout the day but tends to enjoy play time in the latter evening.

* He likes his pacifer but often prefers to go without it.  It's pretty funny to watch him push his "paci" out with that powerful tongue if he doesn't want it.   At times, he'll have it pushed to the very corner of his cheek rather than accept it.

* Bennett has started reaching for things as he is gaining more control over his hands but he hasn't yet grabbed or held any toys (our goal these days).  Still, he likes to hold on to his own paci or on your shirt buttons, if his hands find themselves there.

Things for us are well.  We are not feeling so overwhelmed anymore.  His medications and CPT (Chest Physical Therapy) is becoming routine.  Because he is progressing so well, we are focused less on CF and more on having a 3 month old.

One thing that still lingers - something we hope will resolve itself in the near future - is Bennett's continued struggle to eat without pain.  We observed that Bennett does best when we "bolus" him (aka feed him through his g-button) rather than when we feed him through the bottle.  We believe Bennett gets a tremendous amount of gas through his sucking the bottle or there is an obstruction/inflammation when he takes formula through his esophagus.

We are going to continue to examine this issue with his doctors, but for now, we have been told to just be happy with whatever way he eats.  Their goal right now is to get him to the 50th percentile.  After that, we can put more focus towards eating normally.

So, every 3-4 hours, we bolus Bennett.  Both he and we are very happy with this arrangement.  This has allowed for more smiley time and less crying time.  And that is very very good!

These big changes have taken place in such a short amount of time.
My, Mr. Bennett, how you've grown!


  1. I noticed how Bennett was all sprawled out in one of the pictures. Everytime I think about Bennett, I pray that if he's in any pain, for God to please take it away. My youngest grandson had the croup last week. One of the things I was told to do, by a friend of mine, who is a nurse, was to cup my hand and pat his back up and down. She told me that was how they did for CF babies. Guess who I immediately thought of! Bennett's in so many people's hearts and prayers, as is your family. I'm glad things are becoming more of a routine and that he's sleeping so well. Love, Ms.Ann

  2. Glad to read that he is doing so well! Cayden gets a tremendous amount of pain after eating too. Happy new year!

  3. Hooray for all of these triumphs! We read these on our car ride back to Nashville. We hope that 2010 holds much promise for Bennett and your family!

  4. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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