15 December 2009

Pre-Op Update for Humpty Dumpty Surgery

We had a full day of appointments for Bennett today.  We are turning off the lights and getting ready for a few hours of shut eye before we have to be at the hospital at 6am.

We got the ok on the surgery so we're full speed ahead.  Bennett is 10lbs and everybody is happy.  He can eat until midnight but nothing but pedialyte after that.  We're hoping Bennett won't notice the two bottles he won't be receiving (yeah, right). :)

Our posting to the blog will be sporadic tomorrow so we'll "tweet-post" by putting up small updates as we get them.

The doctor feels really good about the surgery and that has put our hearts to rest.  We believe all will go well and we'll be home by Christmas!

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  1. Hope you all were able to get some rest! I'm praying for God's guidance during Bennett's surgery, and a successful surgery. Ms. Ann


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