20 December 2009

Humpty Dumpty Surgery Update: Day 5 12:10pm

Bennett has fully recovered and we are being discharged today!  The doctor recommends waiting an entire week to put him on his tummy.  So we will begin better implementing tummy time starting next week.

We have been instructed to continue to use "Baby Butt Paste" on his bottom - this stuff is like the thickest lotion you could ever find.  It will help Bennett's skin make the oils needed to protect his bottom when he has a dirty diaper.

Bennett's stitches will dissolve so we don't have to worry about coming back to the hospital to take them out.  It looks like everything is healing well.  He will have a beautiful battle wound to tell his friends about.

Bennett will continue to keep his G-button for now but it should not impede him much.  He still uses it every feeding (he won't take more at a time than about 1/3rd what he needs to eat).  So, the G-button will be in there for quite some time.   However, other that, you can't tell there is anything wrong with Bennett - which is great!

We are *so* happy to have gotten to this point.  It has been a crazy 2.5 months but we are so glad to feel like we are now finally going to plateau out on our excitement for some least we hope.

Bennett is certainly a blessing, one whom we love very much.  We are so thankful God has given us so much time with our little one - something we didn't know would happen after his birth.

God is good.  We are going home!
(With no plans to come back!) :)


  1. yay! what a wonderful christmas gift :)

  2. Hip Hip Hooray!!!! I'm so glad you guys were able to head home Sunday. What a blessing to be able to spend Christmas with your family. I'm happy for you guys!


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